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  The Robot -

What is the koolest dance you wish you could do?

Some might say the Samba roolz. Some are partial to sexy Salsa moves or the foxy Foxtrot. Some to sultry Swing or the poke in the bum Polka. Me. I am in awe of:

An importnant point: The only way to do the robot and look kool is to make the noises too; sounds of motors starting and stopping, hinges creaking and pistons whistling. They go something like this:

'vhiiiiiirrrr, tziiiiiiiit, khe-kho-khu, beep-mbeep!, chika-dum - chika-dum.' And offcourse, if ever you are robotting, you have to keep chanting the following lyrics; like a mantra:

"S-s-s-s A-a-a-a F-f-f-f E-e-e-e T-t-t-t Y-y-y-y

Safe, dance!

"We can dance if we want to
We can leave your friends behind
'Cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance
Well they're no friends of mine
I say, we can go where we want to
A place where they will never find
And we can act like we come from out of this world
Leave the real one far behind
And we can dance {x 4}"

Verse 2 (with dinosaurs) -

Safety dance is the best song. Ever. Go to your closest music shop and get it right now. It's about a boy that danced even though his friends thought he was a spas. It is a song about confidence, losing control and erotic victory.

Here are some special tips for perfecting the robot -

Tip 1: Always keep your fingers together.

Tip 2: Keep everything you do sudden like a jolt or popping. It gives people an idea of a robot movement.

Tip 3: Check out a website about the moonwalk that should help you with your leg and feet movement.

Tip 4: Always keep your arms bent, resembling a spike or spear.

Special personal tip: I made my own style that when you hear turn tables in the beats, you shake one hand to the turn tables, and the other hand does the robot, all while makng the sounds. ROCKING!

Ya, so apart from practicing the robot every free second I have, I have been roaming strange hallways, whistling, sliding and being drunk and disorderly with my homie
S. She thinks she's kool cause her name is a letter. She's rad tho.
She likes to call me 'the manther' cause of my sexy bod. Well who can blame her. She also wanted me to tell everyone shes likes to dance on tables. Oh, and i am going on holiday. My primary objective is to get to Universal Studios, go on the Jaws ride and hopefully reconfigure the mechanism of the shark so he also does the robot. If I accomplish that, my life is complete.
That has to be the bizarrest and in some ways anarchic entry I've read in a long while.

It did however remind me of the Safety Dance something I haven't thought of in a long while ad that made me laugh so kudos for that!
peter crouch inspiration?
gandu! i don't ASK you to talk about my mad dancing skillz and i NEVER EVER call you manther, that's how you refer to yourself. that and that other filthy filthy word (manaconda).

what happened to that party at yours? oh and oops, completely forgot to reply to your text, was at the cinema and didn't get it till late. hope you're still in town, i'll be out partying on saturday to celebrate becoming a budhi so you better get your ass down and show me those mad robot moves.
I've cracked it. Thanks for the instructions. I have tried to mix it with a robot striptease complete with robot erection. I think the girls will love it.
i don't think i've laughed that hard since...i don't think i've ever laughed like that, period.

~the girl FKA transience
transience?! i cant get to your blog!? i really wanted to come over and robot all over it!
you da man! hahaha

the robot kicks ass dude!!! its way sex!!
dude, email me. sorry i have to limit readership, but i've been having problems with certain psychotic internet characters.
transience...err, i dont know how to get your email address. anyway i hope you come back., me:
i wish i had pyschotic internet characters.
i'm back. i emailed you. :)
update dude!!
kabooke, you better update soon or i'll hunt you down and kick your skinny ass.
it just must be so hard, being so cool. I die and come back alot.. Just expect it.
I would do that Michael Jackson dance in that show where he used super powers to make himself FLY!
i am a child.. 21 .. And i adore elektra teacup.. who wouldnt.
I don't even want to admit ever visiting much less enjoy this blog, but time to update. seriously.
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