Armitage Shanks

I have been away for awhile. I know I need a beating. It seems I have somewhat of a regular fanbase. Well not really, but I do appreciate them check-ins (especially from hotties - you know who you are zexy!)
Also, married people can never be kool. Even if the koolest dude in the world, (Ryu Hayabusa, the exalted ninja leader of the dragon lineage) got married, he wouldn't be kool anymore. And his vow to his nanja clan was to be kool at all times, even when on the toilet or picking his nose.
Well, without getting into too much detail, I have a new ladyfriend who has monopolized my time. Work is a bitch, like a real ugly bitch with bad skin that smells like a raw egg in a dog's ass. My family has gone nuts. My friends are gay. However, throughout it all, I have managed to become more awesome. It's like when the Hulk keeps getting his ass kicked, and he gets so angry that he gets way more powerful and fully pounds on like 37 bad guys until they're blue in the dick.
My slut management idea tanked. I was really into it, I even started a website, like a proper one without, like a proper domain and everything. But no one was interested. I don't get it. It was a stellar idea. I should've put more pics of my giblets, that always helps in every way.
The main reason for this post is Borat. He is now the ultimate dude. Like an ultimate warrior against everything that is normal in western society. He should hold Borat camps in the woods and teach little boys his philosophy. I would totally sport the sexiest moustache and join the camp and eat Azamat's asshole. Below some finger licking quotes. I'm gonna use the third one as my ringtone. Mind you, you have to read all these out loud in a Russian accent while scratching your downstairs department (this goes double for the ladies.
Eeez niiiiice!

Borat: This is Natalya. [He kisses her passionately] She is my sister. She is number-four prostitute in whole of Kazakhstan. [She holds up a trophy and smiles] Niiice!

Azamat: Eat my asshole!

Borat: [To Azamat] My moustache still tastes of your testes.

Borat: [singing the Kazakhi national anthem to the tune of the American national anthem] Kazakstan, greatest country in the world/all other countries are run by little girls/Kazakhstan is number-one exporter of potassium/Other Central Asian countries have inferior potassium/Kazakhstan, greatest country in the world/all other countries is run by the gays...

Borat: Although Kazakhstan a glorious country, it have a problem, too: economic, social, and Jew.

Borat: You telling me the man who try to put a rubber fist in my anus was a homosexual?

Borat: Her vagine hang like sleeve of wizard's robe.

Kazkhstan is great. Really great. I wan't to be a Kazakh and rape animals profesionally and on a commission basis. Well maybe not, but it'd be a kool contest to join and come 3rd in. If only.
So what else is new with everyone else. Is blogging still popular? I haven't been to many sites recently and it seems fewer people are coming to mine anf fewer still are updating as frequently as they used to. Or maybe they are and ain't showin the love. The funnniest, ask a Pilipino person to say love. It rules!

ps: I heart Pilipinos...really


Harro! Please. Come in. You look fab - o -lus! So hot right now. Have a fiddle around. Relieve your troubled self. Just check out the title of the page? Where've you seen that before? Hmmmm? Slouch right into that chair. Scratch what needs scratching. Smell what needs smelling. Enjoy the show!

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