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  Week in review-

Well, there have been sinister wheelings and dealings this week. We are literally a hop, skip and a jump away from getting our band 100% ready to rock it. We have been practicing for the past 3 months once or twice a week at this music shop that lets us use their back room which has a wonky Maxtone drumkit in it. But finally I have saved up enough dosh to buy a Yamaha stage custom 5 piece, ye! I am so excited.
This is my first proper proper drumkit, the last one I had was not worth pissing on, but this one is a stallion. It is a regular five piece, snare, 2 mounted toms, floor tom and bass drum but I am also forking out some extra dough to score a 16 inch zildjin crash, a 21 inch zildjin ride, 14 inch hi-hats and a double kick pedal. SIC! I am going to be next Danny Carey. Have a gander below:

Click here to see more details about the kit

Anyway, I am all set, I am going down to the shop tommorow, will pay the dude and walk out a happy man. My lead guitarist is almost done building a jam room in his back yard so we are going to be all over this shit like an allergic rash. We have yet to find a bassist but I just met this guy last nite that my rythm guitarist said was a good singer. He was a a large guy, had these wierd contacts on and bleached hair but seemed pretty chill. Anyhoot we will be jamming on Tuesday so let's see how it works out.
I watched Shaun of the Dead. Amazing flick, British humour is evil. Saw Envy also, was horrible, Ben Stiller is such a tool. Anyway I'm not much for this open diary shit but I'm buying a drumkit so everyone should know. Also we haven't finalized on a band name. Here are some of the options-

Baddu Kombat (Baddu, by the by, is short for bedouine)
Baddu in Chains
Primal Baddu
Inefficient Labourer (can also substitute labourer for baddu here)
Suhagraat (Indian word for wedding nite, UNTZ!)
Pranaam (Indian synonym for basically, less get it on)
Lowkey (also a double meaning for the God of mischief, Loki)
Neccessary Evil
Pearl Diver
Smut Peddlar
The Staplers
Celladoor (my guitarists idea = gay)
Kabooke Quantum Fighter

So I need some help. Let me know which one of these names strikes a chord. Or if there are any other suggestion I am happy to hear em.
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