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  A time for blogereflection-

So I finally have groupies. These groupies however are not the cute horny chicks with an insatiable appetite for blow I've always dreamt about. More like escaped convicts in desperate need of attention and dudes that drank far too much Coors in college.
It all started in a galaxy right around the corner called
The Shitty Blogs Club. I joined this club primarily so I could display their 'I'm Shitty' button on my site. Its a slick button. Check it out. The fact that I was affiliated with them was kool too, but not as kool as an 'I'm Shitty' proclaimation to the world. Who doesn't want that?
Anyroad, this club accepted me, reluctantly I might add. Obviously being the kuncklehead that I am I start talking gibberish on their site cause I've had too much free time the past week. Not insulting anyone mind you, just talking about how awesome I am and various other random musings.
Anyways, the admin of this blog was a dude named
Jeckles. His blog is quite the opposite of The SBC, which is more of a forum. People congregate here and make arbitrary comments on 'shitty' blogs, which means either its a good or bad blog but either way its 'shitty.' Go figure. They also have guest posts that get voted by the SBC members every month and as such, some lucky browneye gets the SBOTM award; (The Shitty Blog Of The Month Award). Needless to say, I was never one of these browneyes.
As I mentioned, recently I had spent more than my fair share of time at this forum, talking nonsense, primarily because I've been off work cause my good for nothing knee clonked out again. I swear at it profusely ALL the time. Atleast I don't need a caste and crutches like the last two times but it still smarts.
Anyway, after awhile I started to get some negative attention from the admin, then the rest of the SBC playas. They all began with, who is this Kabooke Quantum Fighter and what planet does he hail from? That wonder led them to my blog. Some of these peeps include my biggest groupies such as
Mango, The Lady, whos anything but a Lady and this psycho The Blue Bitch who is literally the female version of a very dangerous convicted felon named Tyrone from some very hardcore jail. All these fruits began a sort of vendetta against me and my best mate Mango wanted to 'battle on-line.' Evern though I've spent the majority of last week at home, I don't think I spend nearly as much time on my blog as these guys.
Also, if you check the
post Mango wrote about yours truly, there is a huge supporting cast that dislike me and my blog. Only a moron is going to spend hours online bickering with this army of knobs and obviously get tired and loose. And I'm pretty sure these guys didn't really look through my blog. I'm guessing they made snap judgements to express their solidarity with good ol Mango. And if you come to a blog with the intention of disliking it, you will dislike it. Simple really. I don't have a fan club. Mango is, in his own words, 'internet famous.' Not me. I'm infamous.
On top of all this, I'm almost certain a real friend of mine from back in the old country, SEAN, also commented on Mangos blog and called me a window licker. Sean, you are the only genius to come up with such a ceramonious compound word. You spilt the beans sweetheart.

Whats the point of all this you ask? Well, I quit the SBC, I'm pretty sure they're over it, there are a whole bunch of nasty comments on my blog, and I quite possibly have a REAL friend that is taking sides. What do I make of all this? Here it is.
I think people take this blog bullshit far too seriously. It should be an outlet rather than a crutch. Sometimes you crticize someones blog and they feel you just kicked them in the spine. I did, and it was pointless. It is just a compilation of some bullshit words, that people read and move on. Most blog I've seen are more personal online journals, and I can understand how they can obviously be more, personal. Therefore, these bloggers are more vulnerable to criticism because they are writing about their lives. If and when these blogs are criticized or god forbid ridiculed, it would hurt them more than say me, cause I try not to talk about my day to day life and write about pointless bullshit half the time.
I could be wrong. So as a thesis, I would like whoever bothers reading this post to show me a blog that has really and truly affected them, positvely or negatively, a blog you would tell your parents or friends about with excitement and passion. Do these blogs really make a difference to anyone but the author? Are there blogs out there that are truly inspiring? Is there such a blog? If so, show me.

ps: Oh I forgot to mention the most important thing, I'm leaving for LONDON TOMMOROW FOR 2 WEEKS OF DEBAUCHERY! Eeeeee je suis ainsi passionnant!
Harro! Please. Come in. You look fab - o -lus! So hot right now. Have a fiddle around. Relieve your troubled self. Just check out the title of the page? Where've you seen that before? Hmmmm? Slouch right into that chair. Scratch what needs scratching. Smell what needs smelling. Enjoy the show!

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