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What's your day to day life like? Does anyone have a clear and distinctive pattern of ass to their daily life? I have one. It goes like this. One day good. Next day ass. Next day good. Next day self mutilate. Aaand so forth.
Obviously, for me, the good days it's just like 'eh,' I didn't jam my finger in the sink. It's just not a bad day, which is really the definition of a good day for me.
Good is like I'll be driving, and listening to some kicking beats, and a really head bob part comes in, and your all like bobbing and like 'yeaaa baby untz untz!' and you see an open strech of highway and you floor it and your all 'look at how kool I am! My potential is limitless! This should be the video for this track.

Me - driving - looking sweet - kool like cucumber.'

And then some asshole Mitsubishi Pajero cuts you off driving like 70 k and your like 'moments over.' Then its back to 'eh.' And then you think, well it wasn't that kool a moment. AND THEN you think, dyaam, that wasnt kool at all. What would be randy kool would be to go to town with 3 girls in a wax museum!
And then there are the days when you get bad news, and then worse news, and then ya...I guess thats fine news, and then put industrial solvent in your green tea news.
Today might be cut myself with jagged nailfile day. I lost an extremely important deal at work. Band practice was cancelled. A ladyfriend is probably giving me a boot. I spilt coffee on my tie. Oh and, this is the best. Now this is the kind of thing that actually makes me believe I'm in a sitcom watched by downs syndrome patients. I had to go meet an important collegue, but was in two minds to pee before even though I reaaaally had to get to his office because I was late. But I read somewhere I could get urine in my brain if I don't piss like, all the time. So I went to save my brain. Later, I was washing my hands, fawcet is all bubbling and gargling, spitting even, and then it chills out, and THEEN it looses it and lets out a big dollop of water coffee stained tie! and my pants! WETPANTS! DAMNIT!
I looked in the mirror, shook my head and proceeded to swear at the sky like I was epileptic. I pulled a Basil Fawlty.

Then someone walked into the bog and thought I was mad. Ya why not? The key is probably to not get embarassed. Always think like your walking around with your unit hanging out your zipper and feel koooool about it. Or in my case down the left leg of my pants. OH
So I'm a little depressed and probably need to get back on crack. Or meth. Or suck on the back of those drug toads. Hugs for me :(
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