Armitage Shanks
  Trot on my globe -
These are the places I've been. I procreated with atleast one mammal in each country.

They loved it.

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or check our Venice travel guide
Hey, fighter man, how'd you know those sheep really loved it? They'll say anything just to get a bit of cock.
one can't procreate with sheep if one isn't sheep himself, yes? either way, i like your style.
Thanks for stopping by. You are a fun and interesting one. I love your hell post. I will be back.
sheep? i thought we were talking dogs. oh well.

i havent travelled. i shall leave. this map makes me feel depressed.
good job on spreading your seed!

oh and i am pretty sure i saw you at the mall today, by the way. would have come over and said hello but you seemed too busy stuffing your face!
hahhhhahahah!! thats a lot of procreation!! and the thing below is genious... :D honestly...
lmfao!! I'm gonna like this blog!
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