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  The greatest logo mankind has ever seen-
Edana is the koolest person on the planet. She made me DA BOMB logo. I love these ones the most out of all the ones shes made me, and that is a very hard task as they all roole like no tommorow.
Have a look:

Here is the blue one-

And the red one-

HOW AMAZING?!? Dont you just love these logo? Ya you do. I am sooo gonna print them out and put them on ALL my clothes. I am DEFINATELY gonna put this logo on my bass drum, it will look stupendous! All of you must comment on how epic these logos are visit Edanas new site Creative Ooze and tell her what a star she is.
Technically, these aren't really "logos" per se...
GnB -- just so you know, Toner Mishap is my blog, but I share it with two other guys (The Misanthrope and On the Mark); the piece you commented on was one of The Misanthrope's. But glad to have you visiting!
Hey man, thanks for your comments. I love your stylee too, super diggin' it, which is why I keep coming back.

Anyway, like I said, these aren't really "logos" per se, but you know ... artistic images. I see them more like album covers. And I am LOVING the one for Celladoor the best.
I fucken dig 'em both brah!
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