Armitage Shanks
  Bush knows I'm the shit-
The Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) gave Bush this heads up and he made this public statement recently-

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I got your WMD right here, baby.
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WTF ?? they'd promised me it would be kept a secret.
Is that a WMD in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

Sorry! I haven't been on MSN in a while - things have been hectic here. I'll totally add you, I promise!
Wow, I'm truly disturbed...hey that must make you totally amused as per your site description.
Hmmm it seems Mango is right. This blog sucks ass.
I totally agree with The Lady and Mango. Your blog sucks elephant dick man. Hoover should rename their company to your name to reflect the super suckage power of this blog. And here's a good fuck you from me, for being such a baby and leaving a shit comment on The Lady's blog. Go find your blow-up doll Rosie. I'm sure she's missin your lovin.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
awww did the little asshole get his feelings hurt because I didnt like his little blog. Poor little nut sack maybe you should stick to playing with the kids.
Bush likes this site too!
Kabooke, I didnt send anyone to your site to say mean things about you. They got pissed on on their ow when you left this comment on my blog.

GET FUCKED YOU PAGAN HIPPIE! oh but wait, your site is all dangerous n shit right? swearing? POLITICAL OPINIONS?! damn you are so cutting edge and original, yknow, NO ONE ELSE DOES THAT.
stop judging other bloggers. just keep commenting on horseshit mundane headlines that tickle your ovaries and are like, 'so orwellian.'
ps: this is a retaliation against what you said on my blog. think twice before saying someones blog sucks ass.
kabooke quantum fighter | Homepage | 03.29.05 - 7:13 am | #

I little over the top it think for a response to this blog sucks ass. This latest one you left really isnt goig to keep them off your blog either.

dude, seriously, get fucked. do you really have time for this childish back n forth, fuck you, NO FUCK YOU bullshit. i dont. you and your friends can get around the cauldron and cackle away but leave me out of it, i really couldnt be fucked. your hardcore friends leaving comments on my blog like 'you suck donkey dick, change your blog title to hoover cause it sucks.'' christ on a bike, if that isnt infantile i dont know what is. you started this, not me. end it.
kabooke quantum fighter | Homepage | 03.30.05 - 12:34 am | #

Maybe you should just stop commenting on my blog. Maybe then my friends wont bug ya.
good lord, isnt this a canundrum? lookit all these goons, trying to asskick me through cyberspace.
i admit, i have had far too much time on my hands this past week. ive been off work as my knee is fucked, again. if you are at all interested in all this hoop la, go check out my devoted fans such as Mango,The Lady, Blue Bitch, and most everyone at the SBC. Mango really went all out though. He pulled together his resources and realy started digging into my chest. He wanted to 'battle on line.' Me vs him and his girls. Break out the nailpolish.
This 'Lady' character thinks by posting the comments i made on her blog back on mine will ostracize me from my regular readers. i really dont think the 1 reader i have out there gives a toss. but anyway, kudos to her for trying.
ok, your up-to-date :)
I think it's wrong for people to comment here that your blog sucks - not matter how you retaliate. It's fine to feel that way, but to tell you? For what purpose? What to achieve in saying that?

You have your beliefs and add some humor to it, and I think that's great.

I believe in dissention or not agreeing with your ideologies, but downright name calling? Who are we dealing with here - high school students? Jeez....
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