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Omg OMg OMG!!! eeeeeeeeeee!! I am so excited! I finally got my new drumkit and OMG I LOVE IT. I cant stop thinking about it! I am, literally, in love.
It is such a trojan of a kit. I have decided to name her Angelina and take care of her as if she was my very own hollywood actress. She is such a star, orangey oak colour, remo heads, all the toms have this lovely tonal sound, the snare isn't the picollo I wanted but is close enough, I can get this gorgeous tight ringing sound from it, the bass drum is neat and crisp and my cymbals, oh my cymbals. I got 16" zildjin mastersound hats, a 16" zildjin mastersound crash and a 20" zildjin K ride. They are wonderful, I couldn't ask for more. I feel like a 6 year old schoolgirl that just got a pony...on steroids. I will post a picture of my baby very soon.
Sadly my kit is at our new jam room so I can only play when we schedule a band practice but atleast now we can play for hours on end and get drunk in the process. Well I dont like to drink much while practicing cause I need my energy but my bandmates are all over it.
Anyhow Edana made me this spectacular logo for my band. In my last post I had mentioned a list of band names we were considering so I told her Lowkey (a.k.a Loki, God of mischief) was one of the favourites and this is the colossal piece she came up with. In how long you ask. Oh, only and hour-

What a legend. Thanks so much Edana! That was really sweet of her to take time out of her life and make this for us. If I were her I'd make logos for everything. The computer, underwear drawer, the bog, my dogs ass, everything. How epic would that be?!
Ok so yesterday we praticed for a bit and we actually go around to recording some of our stuff on Qbase (a recording/mixing program). We plugged in the guitar inputs through the amps straight into the computer and had one mic that was on the bass drum. We plan to use two more mics for the drums (drums are the hardest instrument to mic). They are all dynamic mics so they pick up everything in the room rather than focusing straight into whats in front of them. Therefore I will not get the crisp focused sound I want but it will definately suffice for now. Anyways we heard ourselves for the first time yesterday, albiet they weren't master tracks but we really sound good.
I will be posting our tunes on this site shortly. We also had this chick come in 2 nights ago who organizes gigs around town and she said she really dug our sheaat. So ya, I have a band, and we kick ass. All we need now is groupies, leather pants, lots of drugs, and more groupies. Actually I dont want drugs, or pants, I just want groupies.
I'm really liking the name Kabooke Quantum Fighter. Imagine on the radio the dj would be like 'guys, get ready, next we have a single from this hot and sexy band that the ladies go crazy for, the band that is sweeping the nation, Kabooke Quantum Fighter!' Epic you ask? I answer YAAAAIIIIS!
Edana here - I was just checking in regarding the band logo. I'm glad you liked the image, I went with the band name Lowkey because there is a game called kabuki quantum fighter and I didn't know if you knew that. I know it's your favorite name... but I don't know about copyright infringement or if the company that owns the game would have any problems, blah, blah. (you know how bigwigs can be.) Let me know if you still want to do one for it and celladoor.

Can't wait to see the new kit...
it means fuck off and die
Congrats on the kit! I'm in love with my new cello and completely understand. =)
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