Armitage Shanks
  God damn it

Wow, I am so pissed. Driving is fucking ridiculous.
Hey, lets pave some long ass roads where lots of jerk off drivers in tin boxes speed around at 200 kilometers per hour. Humans are so fucking fragile. My friend Ahmed Superman ate some cashews and was sick for ten days. After eating fucking cashews! Holy crap, I hate driving. I am so scared some jundhi loser is going to be late for work one morning, gets on the freeway and drops his de caffinated cheap ass instant coffee on his value village pants. His crotch is going be on fire and he won't want to look like a bigger flamer than he is at work and will start trying to absorb the hot liquid with flicks of his dumbass hand, while obviously taking his eyes of the road. Low and behold I am in front of him, observing the speed limit, listening to At The Gates and looking like a bad ass. Dude doesn't see me obviously, keeps accelerating (because he sucks, like his forefathers sucked) cause he can only concentrate on one menail task at a time, and crash, bang, zoink. My sweet ride is totalled, my sexy ass is not as round and juicy due to loss of blood and the asshole that hit me speeds off because he doesn't have insurance.
Seriously, driving is fucking ridiculous.
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